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System Requirements:
iOS 4.3
Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7, 10.8

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FRITZ!Box VPN-Configuration for Mac and iOS.

FRITZ!Box VPN Assistant helps you to create a VPN configuration between your FRITZ!Box and your Mac, iOS device or other FRITZ!Box.

You enter step by step all necessary data for the VPN connection. At the end you get the necessary configuration files, which you activate in your FRITZ!Box, your Mac or your iOS device. If you are in your FRITZ!Box network, you can automatically enable the created configuration in the FRITZ!Box by FRITZ!Box VPN Assistant. On your Mac or iOS device, you only need to select the configuration file and follow the installation steps.

Enable VPN connection - done!

FRITZ!Box VPN Assistant is available for Mac and iOS.

System Requirements

  • you need a FRITZ!Box
  • the FRITZ!Box must have firmware version using xx.04.80 (or higher)
  • iOS device from version 3.1 or Mac OS X version from 10.6
  • for a VPN connection to your FRITZ!Box it is advisable to set up the MyFRITZ! service or a Dynamic DNS name
  • FRITZ!Box VPN Assistant is not a VPN software, the software simply creates configuration files

You find the newest firmware for your Fritz!Box on the service portals on AVM.